About Minority​

The Department for the Welfare of Minorities and Other Backward Classes, Government of Manipur was established in 1998 by the State Government to protect the interest of Minority and OBC communities in the State. Matters related to Scheduled Castes have been transferred to MOBC Department from the Tribal Affairs & Hills Department (TAH) during 2015-16 and the department was redisignated as Department of MOBC & SC. The Department MOBC & SC, Manipur has been further bifurcated into the following departments vide Government Order No. 36/3/2016-CON dated 18th May, 2018:

  • The Department of Minority Affairs and
  • The Department of Other Backward Classes and Scheduled Castes

The main objective for the establishment of Minority Affairs is to take up measures to protect the interests of the Minority Communities and also to take up Welfare programmes/schemes for Minorities in the State. The Vision of the Directorate is to improve the socio-economic conditions of the minority communities through affirmative action and inclusive development so that every citizen has equal opportunity to participate actively in building a vibrant nation. The Directorate will facilitate an equitable share for minority communities in education, employment, economic activities and to ensure their upliftment.


  • Social,Educational and Economics Development Works for Minorities;
  • Works related to policies of Government of India for Minorities and implementation of its policies and programmes;
  • All works related to National Commission for minorities;(transferred from TribaL Develpoment).
  • All works related to National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation;(transferred from TD/MTDC).
  • Works related to Voluntary Orgnisations for Minorities;(transferred from TD).
  • Implementation of P.M.’s 15 points programme;(transferred from TD).
  • All Works related to State Wakf Board and Central Wakf Council;(transferred from law Department).
  • All works related to Haj; (transferred from Home Department).
  • All works related to Linguistic Minorities and implementations of recommendation of Commissioner Linguistic Minorities, Government of India.
  • Any other related matters for Welfare of Minorities.